NodeJS for Raspberry Pi Zero and Tetris Clock

10 July 2022

Working on some Raspberry Pi Zero projects this-afternoon, and note that there's no simple script for installing NodeJS onto armv6 hardware. Really just making a mental note here to run this to get the latest (last) compatible version of NodeJS running on Raspbian Lite.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y git
curl -o- | bash

sudo init 6

nvm install 10
nvm install-latest-npm
npm install -g node-gyp

Suffice to say, some years back I saw a few videos of people making Tetris style clocks that did not use a random algorithm to pick pieces and rotate them into place. Perhaps a post for another day, but fiddling about with this project on a Raspberry Pi 4, a rPI-P10 controller and a P5 Panel, I'm well on my way to condensing this into a Pi Zero form factor.

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